Breakthrough  科技新突破

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2015/12/08 第240期 訂閱/退訂看歷史報份直接訂閱


Breakthrough  科技新突破

by Ivy Liu

NGC and GE have teamed up together to explore the innovations being brought to life by scientists.

  Technology advances at such an alarming rate that cutting-edge innovations are now considered commonplace in our daily lives. As a result, we have become desensitized to how life-changing they truly are. A new collaboration between National Geographic Channel (NGC) and General Electric (GE) premiering this month will remind you of the mind-blowing nature of scientific breakthroughs. The partnership presents Breakthrough, a collection of stories behind top scientists and their research advancements.
  Breakthrough looks at the discoveries being made in science that will help solve the many problems the planet currently faces. It also delves into the imaginations and passions of the scientists who work to turn their visions into reality. The International Space Station, supercolliders, smart homes, smart cars, and playgrounds are all examples of the technological revolutions taking place before our eyes. Some of the greatest storytellers of our time are here to capture the unfolding wonders. Six leading visionaries from Hollywood—Paul Giamatti, Ron Howard, Brett Ratner, Peter Berg, Angela Bassett, and Akiva Goldsman—directed the first few hour-long episodes. Each filmmaker explores the current breakthroughs in brain science, longevity, pandemics, water, energy, and cyborg technology.
  One of the show’s producers, Brian Grazer, said, "GE’s involvement brings a certain poetic justice to this endeavor." It does in a way because Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell, GE’s founder and a founding member of the National Geographic Society respectively, are two of the world’s greatest inventors. Their breakthroughs and contributions paved the way for further innovation that inspired generations of scientists and engineers. Every episode of Breakthrough will undoubtedly possess that same spirit.

  1. breakthrough n. 突破
  2. cutting-edge a. 尖端的
    What we are seeing is cutting-edge technology being developed in Taiwan.
  3. commonplace a. 普遍的
    Working holidays are now considered commonplace to young people.
  4. collaboration n. 合作
    衍: collaborate vi. 合作
    collaborate with…  和……合作
    The design and construction of the technology center involved government collaboration.
    We collaborated with the police to locate the suspects.
  5. premiere vi. & n. 首演;首映
    The famous star was absent at the movie premiere.
  6. vision n. 想像;視力;願景
    The congressman outlined his vision for the next 10 years.
  7. visionary n. 有遠見卓識者;空想家
  8. longevity n. 長壽
    Scientists have long been trying to unravel the secrets to longevity.
    *unravel vt. & vi. 理解,解開
  9. endeavor n. & vi. 努力
    Despite our best endeavors, we couldn’t have the bill passed.
    While endeavoring through the wilderness, Tom discovered how to survive on his own.
  10. respectively adv. 各自地,分別地
    London and Paris are the capitals of the United Kingdom and France, respectively.
  11. possess vt. 擁有,具有(某品質或能力)
    The job requires that applicants possess specific skills.

desensitize vt. 使麻木
衍: desensitize sb to sth  使某人對某物感到麻木
supercollider n. 超級電子對撞機
pandemic n.(廣泛地區或全球的)流行病;瘟疫
cyborg n. 電子人,半機械人
poetic justice n. 理想的因果報應

  1. team up  合作;組成一隊
    These singers teamed up for a charity performance.
  2. at an alarming rate  以驚人的速度
    The climate is changing at an alarming rate, and the whole world should pay attention to the issue.
  3. delve into…  深入研究/探究……
    The essay delved into the increasing gap between the wealthy and the poor.
  4. pave the way for…  為……做好準備
    The government’s economic policy will pave the way for industrial expansion.

  科技進展如此神速,以致當今的尖端發明在我們日常生活中被視為稀鬆平常的事。因此,我們已對這些發明實際對生活有何重大影響感到麻木。一項由國家地理頻道 (簡稱 NGC)和奇異公司(編按:亦稱為通用電器,它是美國一家提供綜合技術與服務的跨國公司,經營產業包括電子工業、能源、運輸工業、航空航天、醫療與金融服務,業務遍及世界一百多個國家,共有約三萬七千名員工,簡稱 GE。)之間的新合作於本月進行首播,該節目將讓你想到科學突破令人振奮的本質。他們的合作關係推出了《科技新突破》節目,該節目是頂尖科學家及其研究發展背後的故事。
  《科技新突破》帶你一探科學界所做的發現,這些發現將能解決地球現今所面臨的許多問題。該節目還深入探索那些致力把想像轉為現實的科學家們之想像力及熱情。國際太空站、超級電子對撞機、智慧型住宅、智慧車和遊樂園都是在我們眼前所發生的科技革命。我們這個時代的一些偉大說書人來到這個世界便是要記錄下這些正在開展中的奇蹟。六位來自好萊塢的傑出遠見人士 ── 保羅•吉爾麥提、羅恩•霍華德、布萊德•雷納、彼得•柏格、安吉拉•巴塞特,和阿奇瓦•高斯曼執導首批的幾小時節目。每一位製片探索了現今在大腦科學、長壽、流行性疾病、水、能源和生化人科技中所做的突破。




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